Acquisition of Little Big Smala

Acquisition of Little Big Smala

Humans4help announces the acquisition of Little Big Smala in order to complete its service offering around data life cycle management with the creation of its digital factory

Less than 2 years after its successful MBO, Humans4help is embarking on a series of external acquisitions with the purchase of Little Big Smala (LBS) to strengthen its value proposition to the market.

This acquisition will allow the company to continue its development in terms of high value-added digital solutions= by completing its offer with the entire user experience part:

Data volumes will increase by 60% in 2021 versus 2020. The main challenge for any company is to control its data. This is the challenge of Humans4help.

Humans4help's strategy to address the market is based on 3 major pillars:
*Mastery: Mastering the entire data value chain, from optimization to automation, but also artificial intelligence/machine learning solutions from prediction to visualization to business.

*The human: Lila, founder of H4H decides to launch the company with an important place for the human in its heart. Humans4help was born with the mission of bridging the gap between the world of humans and technology, and helping companies to pass the digital transformation that has increased since the Covid crisis.

*The product factory: Verticalized solutions in SaaS mode:

H4H launches the product factory which accelerates the vertical business offers in a strong GoToMarket logic, which allows the total control of all technologies. Three offers have been released from the LAB FACTORY:
  • My smart automation : Automation as a service
  • “Transportation as a service” offer: SLA operational performance management (reduce lost mileage, increase bonuses)
  • Increased Sales Offer “HOPPI : How to increase by 10 the performance of your salespeople

  • The objective of these offers is to respond to business challenges with the combination of technological bricks necessary to create scalable and standardized solutions as a service. Value is measured by usage and Humans4help has understood this.

    * About H4H: H4H is specialized in data knowledge with practices combining workflow solutions, RPA, data science including artificial intelligence, blockchain and data visualization. It serves large accounts and SMEs. With an international presence, it serves more than 60 customers worldwide.

    * About LBS: Little Big Smala is a digital innovation studio that has been working with large accounts and startups for over 3 years on digital transformation projects with a rich and tailored user experience as a vector.

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