Gémo offers an exceptional customer experience across all channels with Freshdesk

Gémo offers an exceptional customer experience across all channels with Freshdesk


  • Digital and omnichannel transformation
  • Growing call and email volumes
  • Small team

  • Complete and integrated solution for the entire customer relationship
  • Ease and scalability
  • Refined analytics
  • KPIs :

    +38% of calls handled in 2020
    62,000 emails handled in 2021
    1H internal resolution time
    98% Customer cases resolved in <24h

    Summary :

    Gémo, a member of the Eram group specializing in the sale of ready-to-wear clothing and shoes, both online and in stores, is adopting a resolutely omnichannel approach and transforming its information system to support its growth.

    For its customer service, Gémo chose Freshdesk to increase the efficiency of its response processing. Freshdesk provides a global view of customer requests made through all channels (telephone, e-mail, social networks), allows for efficient management of volumes and in-depth analysis of activity in order to understand the actions to be taken.

    Strong growth in e-commerce activity :

    Gémo's mission is simple to formulate, but difficult to achieve: «to make life easier for families» The ready-to-wear brand has 400 stores in France and abroad and achieved a turnover of 720 million euros in 2020.

    With the Covid-19 crisis and the closing of stores, sales on Gémo's e-commerce site have exploded (+68% of orders) and customer service has also seen a strong growth in customer contacts, by e-mail or telephone. In addition, by switching to click-and-collect, calls from stores also increased, as it was necessary to deal with requests from customers who go to the store to pick up their packages.

    “it became necessary to move to a professional tool for quick responses to customer requests and to track the history of exchanges”.”Séverine Petiteau Customer Relations Manager

    Integrated, omnichannel customer service with Freshdesk :

    Gémo uses Freshdesk both at headquarters, where emails are processed, and in the call center, where about 15 agents are responsible for handling inbound calls. Most of the customer inquiries are about pending orders. When waiting for a package, customers are impatient and tend to seek answers through all channels, not hesitating to repeat their question if an answer is not forthcoming within the hour.

    Before Freshdesk, it was not possible to gather all the requests. Today, the different contacts are gathered in a single ticket, the customer service employees know if an answer has already been given and can inform the customer if he repeats his request. In addition, the tickets are categorized, which increases efficiency and allows for a detailed analysis of the activity.

    We have a precise vision of our performance,“ says Séverine Petiteau. We can analyze the volumes processed, the performance of the agents, by category and period, follow the NPS scores collected from customers and we can thus define the actions to be implemented to improve ourselves.“ Gémo also has precise information to discuss with its partner in charge of the call center.

    A fast and smooth implementation with Humans4Help :

    For the implementation of the software, Gémo was looking for a French partner who could work efficiently from a distance because the installation was done in the middle of a pandemic. “The implementation with Humans4Help was quick, the collaboration was smooth and we easily adopted the tool which is simple and fun.“ The implementation was done in stages, with agent management, email history retrieval, response library creation and call qualification.

    Humans4Help continues to support Gémo, with regular follow-up to check user satisfaction, keep them informed of the latest product developments and collect new needs.

    Fast developments to optimize request processing :

    In order to improve speed even further, Gémo now wants to integrate Freshdesk with its order management system to retrieve all customer data and respond without having to change software.

    In the future, Gémo wants to take advantage of Freshdesk's ease of use to integrate more of the company's employees, who will be able to collaborate on tickets. “We sometimes need the accounting department or the logistics department to provide information to customers,“ explains Séverine Petiteau. Working together on tickets will make us even more efficient.

    Gémo also plans to integrate Freshchat, Freshdesk's chatbot, to complete its omnichannel vision..


    “We can manage all channels in a single space and we can finely analyze the performance of our service, to accompany the omnichannel behavior of our customers.Séverine Petiteau Customer Relations Manager“


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