Robot as a Service : RPA made 5 times simpler

Robot as a Service : RPA made 5 times simpler

Digital transformation has proven its ability to reduce costs and make it easier for people to do business with each other, especially in the current health crisis. Yet, according to a Deloitte study, 73% of small and medium-sized business leaders admit to being very little advanced in their digitalization.

According to Humans 4 Help, it is precisely these companies that would have the easiest time succeeding in their digital transformation. With flexible infrastructures and the ability to make quick decisions, SMBs have everything they need to successfully carry out a digital transformation project.

These fast-growing companies want to create a rapid return on investment but don't know how to do it. Focus on a new offering that will make automation accessible at a fraction of the cost.

The RPA, kézako?

RPA is the automation of processes. In concrete terms, it is virtual assistants (code) that perform tedious and repetitive tasks without help (automatic processing of invoices, onboarding of new employees, copy and paste...). This is one of the most proven ways to start your digital transformation.

Whether it's in finance, human resources or operations, RPA keeps coming up in business conversations. It's a simple way to help improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

The goal of RPA is to free up time for intelligent and creative work», said Eric Adrian, director of UiPath France.

Robot as a Service

Companies wishing to integrate RPA into their structures must contend with an entry ticket of about €40,000 to start (€20,000 for licenses, €8,000 for the implementation of a small process and €12,000 for in-house training).

For a small process, this is very expensive, especially when you don't know the results. In addition, it makes it impossible to test the technology.


The RaaS offering allows small and medium-sized businesses to benefit from RPA at a lower cost than what was traditionally offered by digital transformation consulting firms.

This all-inclusive service allows fast-growing companies to test RPA before committing to major changes and to approach their digital transformation with more confidence.

Today, this solution as a Service allows the rapid automation of processes that can generate a significant ROI, with a production start-up of 20 to 40 days (the goal being to obtain a rapid ROI to finance the rest of the transformation with the savings made).


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