Talent capsule

Talent capsule

🎥 Talent Capsule 🎥

How about an interview with a Little Big Smala collaborator ? 😁

At H4H Humans4help, every week its talent 👨 💻

Allison Ikonga, Product Manager & UX Designer, this week's talent shares with you her journey and everyday assignments in an ever-changing technology environment.

A true digital tool design and product management enthusiast, Allison has always been a key player in the successful completion of assignments and customer satisfaction.

Bonus? Tips for Junior Product Managers 😉

assionate about project management, take a seat and don't forget your popcorn 🍿

Find all the talent capsule on our Youtube channel “Humans4help”

Sky is the limit 🚀

The H4H team 🤖


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