Why does RPA enable Human Resources to be more productive?

Why does RPA enable Human Resources to be more productive?

For HR, virtual assistants can provide valuable support. There are many reasons for HR departments to implement RPA. The RPA solution provides them with a large number of virtual assistants to whom they can delegate repetitive processes. With RPA, H4H can revolutionize the efficiency of your business.

What is the added value of RPA for HR?

  • 5 to 10 times faster process execution
  • 43% of HRIS managers report automation as having the biggest impact on their HR IT spend in 2019
  • Average workload reduction of 32% for HR managers
  • 72% adoption of HR RPA by companies in production or pilot phase
  • Which HR processes should be automated?

    Human and strategic issues are at the heart of the HR function's missions. Although supporting the company and its employees is the most value-creating mission, HR managers cannot devote the time they would like to it. Indeed, they are surrounded by administrative tasks. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology allows them to automate several processes, thus saving considerable time. Here are some examples of processes that H4H can automate for you:
    Automation of certificates, DUE, management of meal tickets, management of medical visits, professional directories, etc...

    Integration of collective agreements and common rules, calculation of IJSS, retroactivity, tax reintegration, multiple situations, etc

    Schedules and counters, Data acquisition, Variable generation, Activity tracking, Badgage, Simple and complex planning

    Feeding of the application pool, sorting/filtering of CVs and management of applications, multi-distribution of offers, management of internal mobility, etc...

    Management of internal training, Management of training costs, Management of training schedules, Management of CIF and DIF, Management of catalogs, etc..

    Individual interviews, management of objectives, professional evaluations, bonus management, etc...

    Single personnel register, register of the CHSCT, register of the staff delegates, all these documents are framed by processes with strict regulations. The virtual assistants proposed by H4H can facilitate your daily life concerning these regulations.

    Thus, our virtual assistants can become your strategic ally and guarantee document compliance. For example, when a new employee joins the company, the robots can automate the creation and updating of legal documents.

    Some examples of applications

  • Resolving support request tickets for Payroll/HR SSCs.
  • Processing of similar payroll cases
  • Automated onboarding, including sending administrative documents to employees
  • Recording and populating employee records
  • What are the benefits of RPA for HR?

    The time saved by RPA is a valuable resource for HR managers. It allows them to focus on their core business. In addition, the automation of HR processes is also essential for employees. RPA eliminates HR data entry and avoids the possibility of disclosure due to misuse. RPA can be of great benefit to HR in various areas such as:

  • Reduce process management costs
  • Maximize HR/Payroll service center
  • Improve compliance
  • Minimisation des risques de non conformité
  • Minimize risk of non-compliance
  • Communication with all your HR tools/software (ERP, Mailboxes, Saas IS, etc.)
  • Maintain jobs
  • Increase the skills of your teams
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