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27 March 2019

At the discovery of #ServiceNow

Quels les services les entreprises ont intérêt à automatiser ?

serviceNow facilitates the work of all

ServiceNow, a Cloud Computing company, is today the Saas platform for automating all business processes in a business and developing business applications with integrated ITIL best practices. This platform enables step-by-step configuration and also ensures the management of enterprise services, namely IT services, HR services and many others.

ServiceNow can provide experiences as for customers. It’s a way of allowing big companies to work better. Whether you are in IT, security, HR or customer service, or just want to design custom applications, you can have great experiences transforming the way you work. Everyone deserves great experiences at work. Nowadays, routine tasks are done very quickly and complex projects run smoothly. With the ServiceNow platform, everyone can work seamlessly with any team, across all silos and systems. When people work better, the company works better.

serviceNow for developers

Servicenow offers a multitude of products for companies that can be connected in an integrated platform. In addition to the automation functions, ServiceNow offers self-service portals, support tickets, integration processes, identifies and solves security threats, customizes performance analysis …

You should definitely ask yourself how to do development with ServiceNow. Be aware that even as a Saas, this platform allows you to develop your own From Scratch apps. Only some customizations require a base as a developer. Among others, we can mention the Webservices, the knowledge of the notion of Workflow as well as the databases. Customizing the ServiceNow processes some-times consists in making Scripting (JavaScript), Angular JS, using HTML, CSS, XML, Ajax, Json …

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