RPA your best ally

28 March 2019

Make RPA your best ally in automating your tasks.

The finance department activities of financial institutions (accounting, management control, ALM, refinancing …), are increasingly subject to a layer of regulatory reporting and inducing a large volume of processes and tasks. The emergence of Robotization appears to these sectors as a boon. Intelligently capture all of your documents to automate the financing of your business operations, and business loans thanks to the RPA for example.


Discover how with our revolutionary technology you will be able to reduce your production costs up to 80% on tasks representing a high rate of automation.

You are a bank ? Want to improve operational efficiency by using technology ?


  • Conformity
  • Operational risk management
  • Business processes
  • Routine operations ...

Immediate benefits

  • ROI less than 3 months
  • Improved user satisfaction by 85%
  • Reduction of treatment times by 60%
  • 0% human error rate

Our partner UiPath, has developed for a large investment bank a robot to automatically validate unmatched transactions and waiting from the processing of emails.

The average time to complete this task was reduced from 40 minutes to 3 minutes and saved 444 hours of work per year.

Our accompaniment process in 5 steps :

  • Define the processes to automate (very strong recommendations in Back Office)
  • Define the key success factors of the POC
  • Realization of the POC
  • From the POC to the generalization of processes
  • Develop the robot in the test environment for immediate production

Contact us directly at the following address  :    contact@humans4he1p.com 

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