RPA, a performance lever for your company # Part1

3 April 2019

RPA, a performance lever for your company # Part1

The Robotic Process Automation

In order to provide you with the best expertise and considerable productivity gain, we conducted a series of presentations on RPA. This allows you to better understand why, it is important to opt for automation within your company.

Humans4Help high-value consulting firm specializing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) related topics supports you in setting up this technology.


  • RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a technology to automate repetitive tasks that require the intervention of a human. It is based on the use of artificial intelligence software or machine learning software also known as "software robots" capable of imitating a human worker.
  • The software robot connects to an application to manipulate data and perform calculations. communicate with other digital systems, or perform various tasks. For example, it can perform database queries, maintain records or process transactions ...
  • According to ISG's report, RPA allows companies to execute business processes five to ten times faster, with 37 percent fewer resources on average.

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