RPA, a performance lever for your company # Part3

3 April 2019

RPA, a performance lever for your company # Part3

Which services do companies have an interest to automate?

Automating processes and services allows you to get rid of manual, time-consuming and uninteresting tasks and gives you the opportunity to focus on the most interesting tasks.


RPA can intervene in all processes related to data processing and data entry, which requires a great deal of staff time.

  •  Payroll management
  • CV filter
  • Time attendance management
  • Employee follow-up

2- Productivity

About 30% of IT services tasks can be automated by RPA. It can intervene on both the IT department of the company and the end user.

  •  Equipment monitoring
  •  Email processing
  •  Password management
  •  Customer space management


The RPA cuts costs in half and also provides a very accurate result. This allows to increase productivity.

  • Payment orders 
  • Management of suppliers
  • Order management

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