The Fortune 200 companies are losing US$237 billion a year due to the failure to find and eliminate inefficiencies in their processes. Inspiring from which, Humans4Help serves with the mission to improve the processes to tackle those inefficiencies towards business outcomes. The company believes in delivering better with less.
Humans4Help is specialized in Data Automation through two practices: Data and Machine Learning (ML) and Robotics Process Automation (RPA). The company helps businesses leveraging from their gold mine internally which is their DATA to discovering, structuring, cleaning, and indexing their data as a key.

Today only 20 percent of the structured data is used in the system and over 80 percent of corporate data is locked in documents. The unlocked value for a company is to use this data to better anticipate and predict what would be the next action for them to remain above the crowd. Because companies who reduce risk can simplify compliance and improve efficiency through Automation. This is why Humans4Help was created. With the company’s scalable Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based data enrichment platform called Digidoc, people can easily transform unstructured data from thousands (or millions) of documents into structured data that’s primed for process automation, insight systems, and compliance imperatives.

Humans4Help was created to democratize the use of Intelligent Automation by facilitating technologies toward business and not the other way around. The company’s enables optimizing processes through automation and intelligent document capture platform to transform constantly the unstructured data to more structured one that can bring its value to the business and gain efficiency.

Humans4help was created in 2017 with a clear vision that technology should serve the business. Since inception, the company grew from 2 people to more than 70 talented people with a common passion around data and how powerful the data can be toward business outcomes.

An Exceptional Leadership

Lila Benhammou is the Founder of Humans4Help. She founded the company with the key willingness to deliver excellence to customers when it comes to Intelligent Platform Automation. She believes in a thinking: “You can’t change what you can’t measure.”

According to Lila, the first step for Humans4help is to understand for a customer what doesn’t work in the processes along with how to simplify the steps to make the processes more efficient. It is always related to business outcomes. The technology should be aligned with business outcomes. Humans4Help’s clients come from different fields of the company from support businesses to front businesses like customer care, commercial or marketing, supply chain and production chains. She said, “nine out of ten times, we got inefficiencies that are identified in the process and we started our work from there.”

Many of the company’s clients ignore what doesn’t work internally. Instead of getting what doesn’t work from the business owner, Humans4Help got it directly from plugging its platform in the customer system and analyzing the data.

The company is fact-driven, which gives it immediate results on what is not working on the client-side and get the immediate ROI not only in terms of costs but also process simplification and Intelligent Automation.

A Customer-Centric Approach to Innovation

Humans4Help merges all technologies including AI, Intelligent Automation, RPA, Machine Learning, NLP, Chatbots toward customer needs, and customer experience improvement, bringing them into the customer management process.

Prior to implementing its intelligent automation strategy in the customer management process, the company analyses how the customer uses workflow. Many times, it would involve time-consuming processes where managers have allocated staff members to pass certain customers on to.

Humans4Help inverses this trend by automating the process end-to-end to receive internal requests from the customer side. The automation process — which consists of a mix of AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) — that takes place after that request analyses the staff member’s skill-set and allocates a customer best suited to it.

Humans4Help’s ‘as-a-service’ offer allows companies to use the best of the technologies and not being locked with any RPA vendors, but at any time benefitting of the best of breed technology depending on their process need.

Customer service, claims management, and churn prevention are the next priorities post-COVID 19, and processes behind them should be reworked and rethinked from scratch. Lila says, “None of what was true yesterday will be tomorrow. New ways of working from remote.

No more paper processed for paper-intensive companies like insurances or banking back offices.”
That would be the next challenge for any company: Working from home how to reengineer their process without disrupting their processes and keeping their customers safe and satisfied?

So what should any company do?

According to Lila, they must rethink their processes from the top and be agile to not staying behind the curve – digitally transforming or dying is the new rule.

And this is where chatbots are important to get a real customer experience and ease the user experience. RPA would process manual tasks from clients behind the chatbot and AI will help agents to be more focused and spend quality time with their clients.

As understanding if a client is about to leave, is a key for banks and insurances, thanks to AI, Humans4Help makes the ‘data speaks’ towards business outcomes.

Transforming Data Through Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), RPA, and Chatbots impact customer experience in a way that DATA should serve the next actionable decision for all the businesses, says Lila. According to her, transforming their unstructured data (80% of their data) to structured data (only 20%) is key to get the benefit for their businesses.

Delivering Robust AI Solutions

Humans4Help is specialized in data automation, by delivering powerful applied AI solution for intelligent document processing to process optimization and automation. The company infers valuable information from images, tables, graphs, pdf, and help clients structure their data towards their business needs.

Invaluable Achievements Across Industries

Humans4Help received many recognitions from its RPA partners, as being a key preferred partner for RPA as well as from its clients with the company’s 10-30-40% strategy which uses 10 days for auditing any customer processes to find inefficiencies in processes – Thanks to Process and Task Mining technology.

For a client, the company took 30 days for implementing the process with at least a 40% ROI for it.

Thanks to the agility in Humans4Help’s offer and its AI-powered platform in the document process, the company is able to get the virtuous cycle of identifying the inefficiencies in the process, evaluate the automation tasks and getting the ROI faster.

Humans4Help addresses many clients from manufacturing, banking, and insurances and retail with some key killer use-cases that are common to any of these sectors. In Banking or Insurance, the pain points are around customer support and know-your-customer (KYC) processes where 70 to 80% of KYC mundane tasks could be automated.

However, using augmented agents, companies can prevent churn in their customer base and getting the best out of their conversations with clients.

Envisioning a Data-Driven Future

Lila envisions the future of Humans4Help as being a reference in Intelligent Data Process Automation by helping AI/ML/RPA to be used by any company, regardless of their size; understanding and classifying data; and most importantly finding one specific data in a pile of messy documents which is common to any company.