Humans4help X BPI France

Humans4help X BPI France

Humans4help takes off for the biggest business gathering in Europe at Bercy, the BPI France Inno Generation.
The BIG, brings together Entrepreneurs, large groups, startuppers, VSEs, SMEs, ETIs, with over 400 workshops, conferences and masterclasses.
A day to understand the challenges of tomorrow and technological trends in which H4H was present, headed by Lila Benhammou founder & CEO of Humans4help. A great opportunity to be enriched by the experience of those who value entrepreneurship, just like our CEO, who shared his experience around the themes #REBOUND and #CONQUER on stage, it was the opportunity for H4H Humans4help to pitch its vision of the news and its services on HyperAutomation 💡
First experience at BIG successful for us, and this is just the beginning 🔥
A big thank you to Bpifrance France for allowing Lila Benhammou to speak at Europe's largest business gathering !
Back in pictures on the intervention of our CEO Lila Benhammou on the big stage of the Bang at the 7th edition of Bpifrance Inno Generation

Sky is the limit 🚀

The H4H team 🤖


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