Faced with the major challenges of organizations such as cost pressures, increased competition and increased regulations, they must rethink the quality of work for employees.

Humans4Help’s RPA experts help you automate your business processes by integrating the world’s most powerful UiPath platform.

Our process follows a 5 step plan :


Data Problem Definition: We start by engaging with our clients by understanding all aspects of the business problems they are trying to solve, helping them define their problem in terms of data.


Data Sourcing: We identify and analyze the data sources available to the organization.


Data Extraction, Cleansing, and Transformation: After initial identification our team engages in the transformation and extraction of data from original sources into usable formats.


Modeling and Analysis: Combining feature engineering, model training, and model evaluation methodologies our team builds a series of analysis and functional statistical analysis that provide high quality predictable value to the domain they are applied to.Some techniques used: Applied Statistics, Machine Learning, Fuzzy Logic, Survival Analysis, Applied Graph Algorithms.


Deployment: After our analysis and statistical modeling phases are complete, we proceed to productionize our work, allowing our clients to easily and intuitively consume our analysis. Some of the methods of deployment we use are: Model storage, Web Services, Intelligent Applications, BI Dashboards, RealTime Web Dashboards, and many more.

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