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Rapid data audit

Within one to two weeks, our team conducts a preliminary analysis of available data sources, engages in conversations with clients to gain a full understanding of the business domain, and proceeds to design a series of possible data science projects and data governance recommendations to maximize the predictable value generation of data within an organization.

Identification of data source

Understanding and documentation of data sources, de-normalization methods, useful data project opportunities and governance recommendations around the initiative.

Data Awareness

We help our clients' teams understand the opportunities presented by data science projects and guide them to make decisions that maximize the value of their organization's engagement in data science. We introduce our clients to our rapid data audit process.

Prioritization of data opportunities

We use design thinking methodologies to combine our newly acquired knowledge of data sources, our science and engineering background, and our insights gained from conversations with our clients to create a set of data science project implementations ranked by estimated effort as well as estimated business value impact.

Data science as a service

Within 4-8 weeks, our team of domain experts, engineers, data scientists, and developers will race through a specific data business problem and deliver high-quality insights and visualizations.

In keeping with the core principles of Agile, our goal is to deliver intermediate and final results as quickly as possible to our client in order to continue to add value throughout the use.

Our process follows a 5 step plan

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Data problem definition

We start by engaging with our clients by understanding all aspects of the business problems they are trying to solve, helping them define their data problem.

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