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We have decided to combine our skills around RPA to co-write this white paper. RPA is currently a booming market with many advantages and challenges.

According to a Deloitte Study, more than half of the interviewed CIOs have declared that they are testing RPA in their companies and 75% of them stated that the deployment of RPA is one of their top priorities in  the next coming two years! In addition, RPA combines very well with new technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, process mining, etc., making automation perspectives even greater. The world of hyper – automation is on!

In this white paper, we are going to talk about the challenge of deploying a large-scale RPA project and highlight key hurdles and challenges you might encounter in your scale up.

We will highlight good practices and methodologies to carry out an RPA project successfully as process discovery, implementation, Return of investment, training, Center of excellence  …), we will discuss the current pros and cons and pitfalls and limits of such deployments.

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