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Process mining

Make your operational data speak for a better understanding and improvement of organizations.

What is Process Mining and what is it used for?

In a rapidly changing competitive environment, companies from all sectors must reinvent themselves in order to survive. Thanks to the growing capacities of IT systems, the race for performance is made easier. It has now become possible for a company to introduce intelligent and automated assistants within its processes. These are Process Mining tools, which leverage the fingerprints left by each operational process instance, in order to enable the organization to optimize its performance. But beyond the race for operational excellence, can Process Mining also be used for GDPR compliance?

Process Mining = Business Process Management + Data Mining

Process Mining (PM) is one of the latest developments in Business Process Management (BPM). This technique makes it possible to draw up a complete and objective inventory of operational processes, as they really took place, with the aim of understanding, mastering and improving them. Beyond the theoretical models and diagrams regularly encountered in business, the interest of Process Mining therefore lies in the observation of real and a posteriori facts and activities of the processes.

To achieve its goals, Process Mining combines the disciplines of data mining (Data Mining) and process modeling and analysis (BPM).

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Some key figures :

  • 23% of companies report that suppliers have already refused to work with them due to faulty supplier account processes
  • Over 50% of management teams struggle to get clear cash flow forecasts due to failures in their “procure-to-pay” process
  • Almost 60% of businesses admit to paying late penalties due to inefficient processes

Some exploitation areas of the mining process

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Online Marketing

Optimiser le parcours d’achat des clients de la gestion du stock à la livraison

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Optimizing the purchasing journey of customers from stock management to delivery

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fraud detection

Ensure compliance with anti fraud procedures

Process Mining ADVANTAGES


You can only transform yourself if your roadmap is clearly established. A process-oriented transformation allows organizations, across all industries, to compare their current processes to target processes. Understanding all the variants of your systems allows you to optimize the quality of your collected data and to collect it, in order to better understand it thanks to intuitive dashboards.


One of the biggest challenges for organizations today is to align daily business processes with customer expectations. Process Intelligence allows you to regularly analyze various metrics, identify and eliminate process failures. At the same time, process mining helps you discover and share your current processes, in order to obtain optimization suggestions.


Linking your processes to the data they generate helps you make decisions based on hard facts. It also allows risk managers and business leaders to be alerted to potential failures before they become inextricable situations. Continually monitoring and measuring performance generally warns of risks.

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