Our strong team of 21 RPA experts confirmed over 3 years of experience on RPA will assist you in the identification of your automated projects in all sectors.

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A votre service pour analyser et automatiser vos processus


Faced with the major challenges of organizations such as cost pressures, increased competition and increased regulations, they must rethink the quality of work for employees.

Humans4Help’s RPA experts help you automate your business processes by integrating the world’s most powerful UiPath platform.

Our accompaniment process in 5 steps

Discover how our state-of-the-art technology solutions will enable you to reduce your production costs by up to 80% by leveraging top tier automation projects.

Depending on our clients industry, there are several use cases and application of RPA technologies. Some use cases of RPA technologies are: process automation, information retrieval tasks, data quality improvement, compliance resolution. All of these processes benefit from stable performance and reduced execution time, translating directly into an increase in your company’s bottom line.

Early Onboarding

Stakeholder involvement and alignment in the initial phase itself. People enablement with required trainings and broader change and communication program.

Strong Governance & Security

A comprehensive governance framework and risk control with clear segregation of duties, common standards and guidelines for compliance.

Vendor Connect & Future Roadmap

Focus on driving continuous improvements and optimizations in long term through reusable asset libraries and RPA Best practices.

RPA Steps success

Reusability & Optimization

Focus on driving continuous improvements and optimizations in long term through reusable asset libraries and RPA Best practices.

Value Realization

Maximize ROI over time with optimal utilization of resources & shared licenses across multiple processes implementations and production deployments.

Our Developers, Solutions Architects, Business Analysts, Heads and Project Managers, will accompany you on all stages of your RPA project

Identification of eligible processes and prioritization according to expected ROI
Establishment and development of the RPA center
Change management
Accompanying policy and governance transformation
Deployment, maintenance, and optimization of the solution
Writing of the input documentation and process analysis
Robot development and implementation

Robotic Process Automation, for your tasks automation in the finance sector. Make RPA your best ally in automating your repetitive tasks

With it’s highly standardized massive back office tasks, the Financial Services sector can see enormous benefits from adopting RPA technologies.  With an increased regulatory ecosystem to navigate, financial institutions are demanding higher levels of business efficient and cost reduction than ever before.

Are you a banking executive and would like to learn more about the competitive advantages your institution can gain by adopting RPA technologies?

We are here to support your business needs. Contact us for more details about our RPA use cases in: Compliance Management, Operational Risk Management, Business Process Automation, Routine Operation Automation, and other tailored solutions for the financial sector.

For what benefits?

  • User satisfaction improved up to 85%
  • Reduction of treatment times up to 60%
  • and especially 0% of human errors.
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