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What is an RPA robot ?

RPA is the acronym for Robotics Process Automation, which translates into French as Robotisation des Process Automatisés. It is nothing but a software called robot, which performs data processing and manipulation, and exchange between different computer systems and internal and external communication.


RPA scenarios range from simply creating an automatic response to an email to deploying thousands of bots, each programmed to automate jobs in an ERP system.


Financial services business managers were the first to adopt RPA. Now, process automation is being implemented in healthcare, retail, and human resources.

The benefits of RPA

RPA is part of the spectrum of new artificial intelligence tools, including virtual agents, machine learning, computer vision and natural language classification. These new technologies will drive automation and process augmentation. Automation programs enable a scalable, flexible and responsive workforce, so essential in a digital marketplace

La RPA in action

Use Case : extraction of data from various PDF invoices to an Excel file.

We can see the transformation of the data from an unstructured to a structured format.

Automate your business tasks

Faced with major challenges such as cost pressure, increased competition and rising regulations, organizations must rethink the quality of work for employees. Our team of 21 RPA experts with more than 3 years of experience will help you automate your business processes through the integration of the most powerful RPA solutions in the world

Life cycle of an RPA solution

study and evaluation

build and execute

driving change

training and support

consulting and innovation

Some examples of automated support teams

Finance and accounting
Supplier management
Order management
Human resources
Recruitments, moves, departures
Data entry
Payroll management
Time and attendance management
Compliance and raporting
Personnel administration
Software deployment
Server and application monitoring
Follow-up & periodic maintenance
Processing and distribution of emails
Reset/unlock CDM
Backup & restore
Purchase request
Supplier management
Management of purchase orders
Billing management
Analysis of expenses
Payment management
Supply chain
Inventory management
Supply/demand planning
Invoice/Contract Management
Management of work orders
Processing of returns
Freight management
Generation of the bill of material
ERP management
Workflow management
Planning of the offer
Automation of logistics logistics

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