Humans 4 Help

A consulting firm focused on 3 fundamentals which are cybersecurity, ServiceNow and IFS

Service now

A real way to transform your business by orchestrating your processes and workflows for service management.

Cyber security

Being compliant with GDPR and protected from identifying threats to remediate cyber threats.


An alternative in the world of software business management with various applications.
Step by step towards a fast and flawless working organisation

We offer a broad range of services, solutions and best practices to help you turning your IT department into a coherent, agile unit that can always meet business demands. Run your IT as a business with highly automated processes that lower your costs, reduce your risks and enable rapid adoption of future IT trends.

About Us

Important events for our ecosystem

Meeting. 'Les Assises de la sécurité' takes place every year in Monaco.
Our priority, our customer.
Knowledge18 Conference, Spark Your Transformation in Las Vegas, May 7-10. Knowledge18 event by ServiceNow.
The 2017 Assises were a great edition ! Next meeting from 10 to 13 October 2018 in Monaco.
NowForum to learn directly from the experts of digital transformation. You’llnetwork with your peers, and discover innovative new ways to succeed at lightspeed.
Experience IT, Customer Service, HR and Security. NowForum is for innovative leaders ready to deliver smarter.
NowForum is held around the world. Want to know all the locations? Visit the NowForum page.
H4H teams in Europe, in North Africa and in North America.